Thursday, 31 October 2013

What Zombies Don't Tell You

Today it is Hallowe'en. And in honour of one of the scariest, most horrific things to have happened today (the release of What The Doctors Don't Tell You's clearly illegal and highly dangerous Cancer Special), here is the fruits of my lunch hour's labour:

You're welcome, world.

Enjoy Hallowe'en.


Disclaimer: The advice given in this publication  is not intended to replace that of Randy. Before following any of the advice given, please check with him first.

PS: Randy is an obscure reference to the We're Alive podcast. If you're a Behemoth zombie, you're probably already riddled with tumours anyway.

PPS: Brains probably don't cure cancer. But then neither will any of the other nonsense that What The Doctors Don't Tell You are peddling.