Am I Being Paid by Big Pharma?

There is currently a concerted campaign on Twitter and various other places to suggest that all skeptics (that's right, all of them) are being paid handsomely by Big Pharma to discredit the Complementary and Alternative Medicine world.

I'm sure there are people out there who are wondering is this is the case with myself. Well, here are some helpful points to help you decide:

1. I work for the NHS, not a pharmaceutical company. The NHS, my employers still (and in my eyes, ridiculously) fund homeopathy. I left a job in community pharmacy to do a job that I love, which included a £12,000 a year paycut. I'm not hugely motivated by money.
2. I live in a one bedroom flat, not a mansion house
3. My overdraft tends to be pretty scary most of the time
4. You'll notice a lot of typos in my blog posts. This is due to the fact that I'm having to type them on an 8Gb iPod Touch, because my little cheap Netbook is broken and I can't afford anything to replace it.
5. Would I really be using this crappy free Blogger template if I had wads of cash thrown at me? I'd probably have paid for someone to design a nice shiny website for me.
6. I like shoes. A lot. Here's an equation:

                                 Lots of Money + Me=Jimmy Choos

 Number of pairs of Jimmy Choos I own/ have ever owned: Zero. Ergo: I have no money.
7. Big Pharma companies tend to be pretty good at PR. would they really invest in someone who rambles, rants, witters on and writes blog posts about Dirty Dancing and Ancient Egyptians?

Hope this clears it up a bit. If you're still unsure allow me to say this- I am paid a homeopathic amount of money from Big Pharma. That equates to: Zero whole English Pounds, nada, nothing, zilch, sweet FA, and any other way you'd like to put it. I'll admit to accepting some post-it notes and a couple of pens here and there from pharmaceutical reps, and-very occasionally- one of those squeezy stress-relieving toys, but that's where it ends.