Friday, 5 April 2013

Homeopathic Harms Vol 6: Self-awareness & self-criticism

This post is a taster of the the next in our series of blogposts following on from our SITP talk about the harms of homeopathy It's written by the marvellous @Skanky_fish

You can find the full blog post over at her blog, Evidence-Based Skepticism

One of the most important mechanisms that people have for regulating their own behaviour is feedback from other people.  This happens from the day we’re born – babies learn that some behaviours earn a smile so they repeat them; toddlers learn that other behaviours get attention, so they repeat them.  As adults we do exactly the same thing – we learn behaviours that make us successful friends, partners or parents based on how people react to us.

This carries over into professional life too, and in some professions is even put into words as codes of conduct, or ethics.  We learn what is and is not acceptable by seeing how people respond to our actions.