Thursday, 31 January 2013

Quack SEO folk attempt Quack SEO on a Quack website

I read with interest this entry on Josephine Jones's blog:

 Basically, SEO folk working for WeightWorld, a website selling a cornucopia of nonsense have requested that Josephine takes down links to the website from her blog exposing them as quackery, because it might harm their SEO efforts

Now, leaving aside the fact that SEO is actually a whole load of cargo cult nonsense, apparently (According to a Skeptics with a K podcast- i can't remember which episode though), this seems like a pretty daft way of working. Where is the ethics in just requesting that any negative press is removed from search results? Especially coming from a field which regularly employs shady marketing techniques like affiliate marketing, just to flood search engines to drown out negative voices. As Josephine points out, this website has had many ASA complaints against them. Do they really think this sort of approach will work? They hadn't considered that it might actually backfire?

Wouldn't it be simply a terrible shame if, by requesting that Josephine removes a link from her website, they've accidentally opened up a bag of skeptical worms, and their web address appears on many skeptical websites, each exposing them as quacks? 

 So that link would be then. Didn't catch that? I'll say it again...  

I recommend blogging about and exposing them as the quacks they are.  

WeightWorld: selling unproven nonsense.

H xxx